AIRTEC Motorsport Turbo Elbow for Hyundai i30N

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AIRTEC Motorsport Enlarged Alloy High Flow Induction Elbow for Hyundai i30N

Designed to replace the restrictive OEM pipe, this 10mm larger silicone elbow and alloy connector offers increased flow.

By reducing restriction within the induction system, air flow improves and potential power increases can be released.

The elbow is carefully engineered to be a direct replacement item, which ensures a simple installation process and comes with a gloss black Pro Hoses silcone hose, as well as all fixtures and fittings.


10mm larger internal diameter than stock
Improved air flow for increased power
CNC machined
Simple DIY installation
Direct replacement
Enhanced sound
Pro Hoses silicone connector
Registered Design Right number: 6093143


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